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Radical Inclusion

I’ve been set up with my jewelry at Vicki's Eatery here in Silver City the past month and had a lot of time to think. Due to world events and personal experiences the term Radical Inclusion keeps entering my train of thought.

In the pagan world, it’s called do what thou will and harm none.

In the Buddhist world, it is called being nonjudgmental.

In the world of Burning Man it’s welcoming and respecting the stranger.

In my world it is a life style of enjoying the diversity of life instead of finding fault with it. Its respecting people’s differences and learning from them. It’s being open to all the beautiful possibilities life has to offer. Its living your life without fear of the unusual or unknown.

No matter what world you live in it comes down to the same theory. With music and art. With politics and lifestyles. For me it is a huge part of my muse or inspiration for the jewelry and art that I create. I love to be immersed in situations that are unusual, people that are totally different than myself. These experiences have made me who I am.

So why am I writing about this? Because I want to challenge you. Go out and do something that scares you. Talk to a complete stranger, do something out of the ordinary. Have an open conversation with someone you don’t agree with. Who knows what might happen! By doing this we might find some common bond. Just think of the possibilities.

I leave you with my new favorite band. Omnia. Blessings.

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