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The Fool

The Fool represents new beginnings and carefree adventure. Though this card could indicate foolishness, it is more optimistic in the sense that it stands for pure actions and being free from the constraints of your present life. More than likely, there are important decisions coming your way, and the answer to your question is yes.~

Sounds good to me. Always the optimist and yes is always a good answer! Happy April Fools Day!

Coyote Dances With The Stars

Many Moons ago, coyote was a great dancer. More than anything else, Coyote loved to dance. More than fishing, more than hunting, and more than running through the hills, Coyote loved to dance. At night, Coyote looked up into the sky and watched the stars dancing.

“I should like to dance with the stars,” thought Coyote. One night Coyote climbed to the top of the highest hill and saw the stars.

“I want to dance with you,” Coyote called out to the stars, but the stars only laughed. “But I am a great dancer!” The stars laughed again. “How can we dance with you if we’re up in the sky and you are down on the earth?”

“Let me dance with you,” Coyote cried.

Suddenly, the North Star had an idea! “I will throw this rope down to earth and pull the coyote up into the sky. Help me pull coyote up into the sky!” the North Star called to the other stars.

Coyote caught the rope and the stars pulled him up into the sky. They began dancing together. Soon coyote grew tired.

“I want to stop!” Coyote called out.

But, the stars danced faster and faster. Coyote tried to climb on the back of one of the stars, but his paw slipped and he fell to the earth instead and made a great hole in the ground.

To this day, whenever you see a shooting star, it is really Coyote falling to the earth! ~ Cheyenne Story

Its a good day for stories and music and being creative. Drawing out sheets of copper and brass for etching, listening to music and wishing it were just a bit warmer.

Before and after. Etching is like magic. I sand the metal down, draw the design , dip the metal in a magic solution and presto ! Well not quite that easy but close! There were lots of strange results at first!

These past few weeks I've really enjoyed my time in the studio. Getting ready for a very busy spring and summer. We're off to Texas and Oklahoma next month.

I know it seems like a crazy time to go to an area that is known for really intense weather! That's where that optimism comes into play, and maybe a bit of the fool. Springtime in Texas is awesome. I haven't spent much time in Oklahoma but am looking forward to it.

You know what I would do if I were in your place? I’d drink from the milk basin of the Milky Way; I’d swallow comets; I’d lunch on dawn; I’d dine on day and I’d sup on night; I’d invite myself, splendid table-companion that I am, to the banquet of all the glories, and I’d salute God as my host! I’d work up a magnificent hunger, an enormous thirst, and I’d race through the drunken spaces between the spheres singing the fearsome drinking song of eternity. ~ Victor Hugo

I came across a new songwriter musician recently. Damh the Bard. His music really resonates with me. Here is one of his songs, Green and Grey. If you would like to learn more you can go to

I'm on a roll now...... Here's another good one for a stormy day. Old Blind Dogs ~ Cruel Sister

I wish you all good things in the coming week. If any of these pieces speaks to you please check out my shop on Blessings.

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