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All Souls

Several years ago right about this time of year I started to think about holidays and where they came from. I took for granted that Halloween was a time for candy and dressing up. Why? I had heard about Samhain, All Souls Day and Dia de Los Muertos but never really looked into it. I guess I wanted more out of it than a goofy costume and an upset stomach from too many sweets. Although, I do love goofy costumes and chocolate.......

Dia de los Muertos ~ Honoring your loved ones who have passed on to the other side. Share stories, celebrate the lives of family and friends with food and drink. Its a lovely tradition.

I've always enjoyed building Ofrendas or alters.

Its kind of a bitter sweet thing. A time to really think about all the ones you've lost. Unfortunately , I have lost most of my family and way too many friends these past several years.

My ancestors, the Celts celebrated Samhain. An in between time,summers end, not quite winter.A time when the veil between the worlds is thin.

I feel a closeness to my family in the fall. More than any other time of year. Its almost as though they are whispering in my ear. My family and friends who have passed always supported my creativity. They continue to give me the drive I need sometimes to keep going even though they left me behind.

The work I do is a tribute to the love they have for me and I have for them.

A ghaoil, leig dhachaigh gum mhàthair mi ~ Julie Fowlis

Loreena McKennett ~ All Souls Night

Its good to be home, although there are changes a foot. I'll keep you in suspense for now.

Please be sure to check out my shop on I am adding new work weekly. As I said I am a creative monster this time of year! Have a great week!

Chipper Thompson & Roger Landres ~ Out in The Sticks


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