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The only way out is through. Robert Frost

I have been wanting to go check out the Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths for the longest time. Last week I finally made the trip. Long over due! It was a beautiful and inspiring trip!

Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths are loctated in Southwestern New Mexico on the road to Mogollon. About 70 miles north of Silver City.For more information please go to Or better yet just go! Cordelia Rose is the artist who created these labyrinths and will walk you through.

In the Artists Way by Julia Cameron she says,"Serious art is born from serious play." You have to go out and recharge sometimes to keep those creatives juices flowing.

Several years ago a friend of mine did my numerology chart. I had never heard of numerology but am always up for something new! He used the number of letters in my name along with the time I was born and my birthdate. I don't even begin to understand all that goes into it but in the end he told me I was a number three. The number three relates to creativity. Even before then I always did things in threes. So to make a long story short, I continue to do things in threes.

Thirty five years ago, not that I'm counting..............I worked with leather. I love it. So coming full circle I'm starting up my leather projects again. That makes it three. Jewelry, hats and leather. If you see anything on this post that you can't live without you can find these and many more on my shop at

Before I leave you today I wanted to share a video I found the other day. Beautifully done with an important message.

Native Americans Unite Against Fossil Fuels ~ Amy Secada

Have a great week!

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