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If you have never been to this part of the world you should definitely have it on your list. Sedona, Arizona is one of those places that just blow your mind! Every direction you look is spectacular! I'm headed in that direction for some shows in March and April.

The Oak Creek Arts & Crafts Shows are held in the village of Oak Creek, the gateway to Sedona and red rock country. The first show I will be at is on March 16 thru 18 from 9 til 5.

For more info ~

We head to Oro Valley March 24 & 25 for the Spring Festival of the Arts. This will be our 5th year for this show. Its held at the Oro Valley Marketplace, right across the street from Catalina Mountains State Park. The hours are 10 til 5.

For more info ~

We'll be back up to the Sedona area the first two weeks of April. April 7 - 8 at Bell Rock Plaza and the April 13 - 15. Once again for more info~

These will be the last shows we do for awhile. At the end of April we're packing everything up and heading to Cheyenne Crossing to open the new studio. Ill be posting more info before we go. Please be sure to check out my shop on

As always I like to share a bit of music before I go.

Here's one by Australian singer songwriter Xavier Rudd ~ Walk Away

One more from Omnia. I love this band and what they bring to the world.

OMNIA means "everything" in Latin. It stands for the fact that OMNIA is not bound by any particular music genre or style. This musical diversity, the creative writing of Stenny and the fact that the band uses mainly hand-made acoustic instruments on stage, give them their own special "earthy" style.

Omnia ~ Suck My Flute


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