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Easter & April Fools all in one day. I've always been a fan of both. Being a person who appreciates the meaning of things I wonder the significance of both on the same day?

Easter ~ In Christianity Easter is the day that Christ was resurrected. It also falls close to the spring equinox. Before Christianity it was a festival celebrating the Saxon Goddess Ostara. In other traditions there were other names, all seem to be a celebration of spring in one form or another. Life was hard for people in the old days. Winter was harsh so spring was a time to celebrate!

April Fools Day ~ A day in western culture where people play pranks on each other.IT seems that this day is also related to spring celebrations. In some cultures it marked the start of the new year.

Its all very interesting to me. There are so many holidays and things we take for granted. Its good to ask questions instead of just doing! Something to think about.

For me the Fool is definitely a symbol of new beginnings. We head to Sedona again next week for two shows. Then we're home in Silver City for a couple weeks before the big move!!!!

I've been juggling packing and studio work. Argh! Trying not to stress out too much. Its all very exciting. I have noticed that my time in the North country has effected my designing style. I am leaning even more towards an earthy organic look. I like it very much!

I was just having a conversation with someone the other day about how it has taken me all these years to come into myself as an artist and a maker of things. Everything happens for a reason. Since I have been going north to the Black Hills it has really opened me up to a style that I guess was there all along.

I'm excited and terrified all at the same time! Where will this road lead?

As you know, if you follow this blog I will surely let you know! I hope your day is full of love and happiness. I'll be off on an adventure the next few weeks. If you find yourself in the Village of Oak Creek near Sedona, come by and say hello!

Found this on YouTube the other day. Rising Appalachia is one of my all time favorites bands. Mix that with an old ballad and I'm right there!

Sending love and light your way! If your interested any of the work you see on this post please check out my shop page.


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