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If light is in your heart, you will find your way home. ~ Rumi

Wow! What a journey I've had these past few weeks! I left Cheyenne Crossing last fall with a plan of moving to the Black Hills in Spring. Now here I am! Almost too happy to be legal....

I've spent the last few weeks getting settled in the new shop and finding a place to live. Its been a whirlwind of good fortune and I am so very grateful! Every morning I wake up and thank the creator for my life these days.

Now its time to get to work. Getting my creative mind in line with the Black Hills. The energy here is different than the Southwest. My creative process has always been linked to the place I'm at. I noticed last fall that my designs were changing a bit. I'm excited to see how this move will change my work.

If all goes as planned I will not be doing art festivals anymore. Ill have the studio here at Cheyenne Crossing and the website.

I'm excited to start this new chapter in my life and see what its like to not travel all the time.

Last week I met people from France, Italy, Australia and all over the United States and Canada. It amazes me how diverse this little spot in the hills is.

I've also made some new friends.

Zeke and Zena. The nicest horses I've ever met. Well actually the only horses I've ever met.......They smell so good!

Then there's Loki. Bella and I are in love with this guy!

I have had time to post some new work so please be sure to check out my shop page www.ginnywolfstudio.com.

Have a great week. Ill leave you with one of my favorites. Emmy Lou Harris ~ The Ballad of Sally Rose

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