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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares. will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn. ~ John Muir

Been thinking about energy lately. The energy of people, places. . For some reason I've always been sensitive to the energy around me. Sometimes that's really good, other times not so much. Maybe that's why I'm such a dog person. Dogs are very in tune with the energy around them.

This week the energy of Cheyenne Crossing is starting to amp up. The Black Hills Motorcycle Rally starts soon. This will be my 7th rally, 5th one set up with my work. I never get tired of it. Talk about energy! The circus is in town! Everyone is happy to be here. The beauty of the hills and the sense of community among the bikers makes for a really fun time.

I apologize for not having any new work to show you on the web site. I guess be careful what you wish for! I've been really busy these past few weeks. Yahoo! I'll make a piece for the website and it will sell before I can take pictures. I guess you'll just have to come see me in person!

I've been doing a lot of networking these past few weeks. The Saloon # 10 in Deadwood is now carrying my word necklaces. Gotta come up with a better name for these. Any suggestions let me know!

Something new this year, I've donated some of my work for the Legends Ride auction at the Buffalo Chip. The ride will be on August 6th this year. For more information you can go to

Riders and celebrities first got together in 2008 to enjoy a ride through the Black Hills. We believed then, just as we do now, that riding together forms bonds that create brotherhoods and sisterhoods. We also believed that together we could help preserve riding heritage and make a difference in the lives of some very special Special Olympians while we ride. And together we have. Riders like you have helped donate nearly $500,000 (yes, that’s almost half a million dollars!) to charities like the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and the Black Hills Special Olympics while having a lot of fun along the way. We can’t wait to see what we can do together as Legends Riders in years to come, and hope you’ll join us to experience it for yourself. ~ Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President

I only had to drop acid once to know that Timothy Leary was right about questioning authority. Motorcycling is like life. There's nothing solid about it. Something not even the asphalt under your tires. Time on a motorcycle is unlike time spent anywhere else. There are moments lost in the landscape, seconds devoted solely to balance, and long stretches spent spiraling inward. ~Barbara Schoichet

I'll be listing lots of new work in a couple weeks so stay tuned! In the mean time here's another one of my favorites. These two beautiful women inside and out.Rising Appalachia ~ Resilient


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