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This morning a huge flock of geese flew over Cheyenne Crossing. It was amazing! You could hear them singing to each other. Every day is an adventure up here in the Black Hills!

Last night we had about 8 inches of snow. Today its been snowing all day. I know my family and friends think I've completely lost my mind with this move. Maybe those geese know whats coming! Ha!

Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are. ~ Lewis Carroll

I've been getting ready for the First Ladies Prairie Art Showcase October 26 & 27 in Pierre South Dakota. It held in conjunction with the Governor's Hunt. I'm looking forward to meeting some of South Dakota's artist community and seeing another part of the state. For more information ~

These past few months have just flown by. I'm looking forward to winter when things slow down a bit. Time to enjoy the wilderness. I have big plans this winter! Im going to finally learn to play or I should say start to learn to play a guitar my friend Arik gave me years ago. He passed on a few years back but I know he would be happy if I finally figured it out.

Another thing on my to do list is start making leather clothing. I have a special order for a friend in Canada, Hi Jim! I'm making him a leather vest. Very excited! It will be my first piece of clothing out of leather. I'm also looking for a leather sewing machine so I can get into bigger projects. I've just about got my home studio figured out.

With the changing of the seasons Ill be open at Cheyenne Crossing from Thursdays thru Sundays from 8ish to 4ish. Call my studio number to be sure Im there if your coming out.

605 - 584-9034. Also friends and family call me on this phone instead of my cell. Its getting cold outside and I have to stand out there to get reception on my cell phone! BRRRRRR!

I love sharing musical finds from YouTube. Music to me is as important as breathing. It inspires me everyday to push myself creatively.

I found this band a few years back. I admit they are VERY intense. I love it! Maria Franz is an incredible singer. The whole band is truly amazing and entertaining.

"In order to connect to what was before," says Christopher Juul," you have to disconnect from what is now." That's essentially the mission statement of Heilung, the Danish producer's hypnotic multi-media project with German vocalist Kai Uwe Faust and Norwegian singer Maria Franz.

Conjuring the primal wildness of the Viking era and Northern European Bronze Age, the trio blends the cinematic clang of human bones, reconstructed swords and frame drums with brooding lyrics borrowed and re-contextualized from rune stones, amulets and other ancient artifacts. Over Juul's percussive soundscapes, Faust bellows like a Tibetan monk raised on death metal — a darkness balanced out by Franz's soothing coo, which draws on her years of studying traditional Norwegian techniques. The end product is "amplified history" — a genre of their own design. ~ Revolver Magazine

One more before I go. Im on a roll with strong women singers. Tanya Tagaq a Canadian indigenous throat singer is also amazing.

Here is one she did with Buffy Saint Marie, another powerful indigenous singer.

I send you blessings on this snowy day in the hills. Until next time.

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