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Dia De Los Muertos

This time of year , Halloween, Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos is a time for honoring our loved ones who have passed on. It has so much more meaning these days. I guess the older a person gets its a natural thing to morn all who have passed on. I always like to envision this big party on the other side where my family and friends are waiting for me.

I used to put up an Ofreinda every year at this time. Some years more extravagant than others. Now I just leave it up. It makes me feel closer to everyone on the other side.

This year and every year I honor my mother. Joni Gorsuch. She was one of a kind. Malachi my mother's love called her Babylon. She was a beauty inside and out.

This was a portrait Malachi did of my mother years ago. I always loved it. She would get upset with me for showing it to people but I could always tell she was proud of the image!

Blessing to you mom. You are loved and missed.

William Monroe Porter III. My brother Billy. He was a Vietnam vet who didn't do so well coming home. He died way too early. Billy was 11 years older than me and I adored him. Even though he would chase me around the house and hang me upside down. I have a vivid memory of him when I was really little. He was babysitting and said I could hang out with him and his friends if I just sat on the hood of the car and stayed out of the way. We all hung out listening to music. He was a biker and a gentle giant. Blessings to you Billy, You are loved.

Alan Spragen. Alan left us way too soon. I met him in Silver City along with his beautiful love Nan. He was an incredible singer and guitar player. He was also a Buddhist teacher. I have tried to followed a Buddhist path for many years and was having trouble with someone. I wanted to have compassion but just couldn't figure it out. I went to Alan to ask advice. He told me you didn't have to like someone to have compassion for them. If it was easy to have compassion you where kind of missing the point. He taught me so much. I never forgot that conversation. Blessings to you Alan. You are loved.

Don Young. I met Don many years ago in Tempe Arizona. We had many adventures together in Arizona and all across the Southwest. He was an amazing singer, songwriter, musician and friend. I could tell so many stories about him! He identified strongly with Native beliefs. One winter he decided he was going to go out and do a vision quest on the Salt River. At the time I was a full time RVer staying out on the river. We packed him up and dropped him off at a river crossing. I watched him walk off all by himself into the desert. We picked him up 3 days later. Blessings my friend Don. You are loved and missed.

Blossom. I met Blossom in Taos, New Mexico. I was working with a rescue group and she was rescued in front of Blossoms nursery. It didn't take long before I realized she was a keeper.

We were best friends for many years. She would sleep under my table at art fairs. She also like to bite my friends. Not big bites, just little nibbles to make sure they knew who was boss. I miss her everyday. Blessing Blossom. You are loved.

If I honored everyone who has passed on in my life this would be a very long post indeed. Take some time today to remember those who have gone on to the other side. It is sad but sweet. Blessings.

Ill leave you with a beautiful song by Don Conoscenti.

The Other Side

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