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Holiday Art Market

Yes, its that time of year already! I will be set up with all kinds of beautiful new jewelry at the Dahl Art Center this weekend in Rapid City, South Dakota. I'm very excited to see the local art scene!

It was a fantastic summer season here in the Black Hills. Things have slowed down a bit with the cooler weather. It has given me a chance to settle in and start to restock. Part of that is experimenting with new work.

A friend recently remarked that she thought my work was changing since I have been here in South Dakota. I've always been very sensitive to my surroundings. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area my work had a very fluid Asian feel. Then moving to the South West I picked those desert colors and styles. Now in the mountains it seems I've added an earthy vibe. Mix it all up and its a earthy Asian southwest style! Kind of hitting all the elements.

I've added leather and vintage hats the last couple of years. It all seems to flow together for me. I love the feel of leather and the meditative aspect of hand stitching.

At this point I've just been experimenting with bags. This past month I've branched out to clothing, making a custom vest for a friend. I have to say its coming along nicely! To be able to make something beautiful that a person can use and feel good about themselves wearing it is the ultimate satisfaction as an artist!

If you find yourself in Rapid City this weekend come out and see me! If not and your looking for gifts this holiday season please check out my website store at

In the mean time here's some great music to get you up off your feet. I found these videos on Youtube recently and can't stop watching them. I definitely dance like no ones watching......

One more !

Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. ~

Have a great week!

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