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I've been getting ready for a wonderfully decadent event in Rapid City this Saturday.

Lots of local chocolate merchants and crafts people from the region. What could be better than that. Plus a chance to get out of the house and visit a bit.

Ill have a lot of new jewelry displayed.

Beautiful repurposed one of a kind leather garments and bags.

Hand stitched and branded using a wood burning tool.

The designs are all one of a kind drawings on leather.

Each garment is unique.

Some of the leather is vintage 1970's.

All the buttons and tassels are hand made, the patterns I make myself.

I've been like a woman obsessed these past few months. This will be the first time I've shown all these beauties in public. Curious to see what people have to say. Needless to say I love them all!

I am fine tuning my own unique style.

There has been plenty of time to get creative! Its been brutally cold these past couple weeks. Now I know what winter is! Not a good time for outdoors.

No worries though, winter doesn't last forever. I've been catching up on Youtube videos as well. One event is on my bucket list. One of many really. Castlefest. Its held in Norway I believe, twice a year. Looks like a blast!

Yeah, Yeah I know, I cant help it!

Here's another one of my favorites. I stumbled upon this woman on Facebook. Someone shared one of her dances. I have always loved belly dance but she really does take it to another level. Beautiful. Diana Bastet

Have a fantastic Week! Stay warm!

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