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Breath Giver

Trade is a sacred concept, revered among all peoples in our part of the world. Through it articles move from people to people, but there is more: the spiritual aspect. Everything is born of power, derived from the ripples of creativity that Breath Giver exhaled into the world.

When something is made , say a copper pendant the crafts person takes a bit of raw copper and meticulously pounds it flat. He places the copper on a carved wooden mold, then uses bone or antler dowels to carefully press the copper down over the mold. This must be done ever so slowly lest the thin metal tears or ripple.

Or perhaps it is a shell carver who laboriously cuts a large round piece from a whelk or conch shell. His concentration, creativity and ability all go into the piece as he meticulously engraves a revered design or depicts a scene from one of the sacred stories. Power has gifted him with this skill, and part or that gift is imprinted into the piece he creates. So, to is a reflection of an artisans souls, imbuing his work with a bit of himself.

I've seen wood carvers, in the final act of carving physically breathe life into their creations. Anything made flows from Spirit Power, from Breath Giver's exhalation. Hence , trade is about the movement of spirit between peoples, not just the meaningless exchange of pretty trinkets. ~ Coming of the Storm Authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear

I found this bit in a book I've been reading lately and thought it perfectly described not only the creative process but also the sacredness of trade.

Been busy building inventory for the summer season. Lots of beautiful leather clothing! I've listed some pieces on the website shop but will have much more at the studio this spring. I love working with leather! The smell, the feel. My imagination has gone wild!

I'm Still hand stitching but find the whole process is like a meditation. Yes it does take forever but its OK. I am still looking for an antique leather sewing machine. One of these days it will come to me.

In the mean time I'll just enjoy the process.

I've donated a leather piece to Saloon #10 for there annual St. Panties Day. This event benefits The American Cancer Society as well as Relay for Life. It is a lingerie style show where local models will strut there stuff for a good cause. If you would like more information you can go to Here's the piece you can bid on! Come out and see it in person! March 14 at 8:00pm.

Its still winter here in the great white north. Counting the days til spring, but then add a couple months! Yikes!

Wanted to let you know if you are curious about any off these pieces please check out my website Once your there you can go to the shop on the menu.

Have a great week my friends. And now for something completely different. Time to kick off those shoes and dance like no one is watching! Transglobal Underground ~ Khaleesi Stomp. Enjoy!

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