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Outsider Art

Outsider art is a term used for any work of art produced by an untrained idiosyncratic artist who is typically unconnected to the conventional art world. The “classic” figures of outsider art were socially or culturally marginal figures. They were usually under educated; they almost invariably embraced unconventional views of the world, sometimes alien to the prevailing dominant culture; and many had been diagnosed as mentally ill. ~

I've always considered myself and Outsider in more ways than one so this term resonates for me. Although its kind of ironic that this type of artwork has a "category". The whole point really is to fit outside the box.

I started thinking about writing a post about artists who don't fit the mold. Renegades who refuse to fit in. Those seem to be my favorites and thank goodness there are lot of them out there. That's one of the perks of being an "artist". Your allowed a bit more freedom to be yourself whatever that happens to be.

We lost two of the greats this month. They both had great success in their careers but in a lot of ways they were outsiders.

Leon Redbone was known for jazz classics as well as blues and tin pan alley style of music. He stood out as someone following his own bliss. I loved that about him.

Last week we lost one of my all time favorites. Dr. John. I listened to him my whole life, especially as I got older. My favorite album is Gris Gris from 1968. When I'm in the studio I can go off into my own little world.

Dr. John was from New Orleans. He was a favorite son. The Treme gave him a beautiful send off. This is the way I want to be remembered. Dancing in the streets!

To me Outsider art is anyone willing to take a chance creating something from their soul. No one taught them how, they don't follow protocol. Just do it from the heart. Thats how it should be, in my world anyway.

I'll leave you with one more from Dr. John and friends. Have a great week and please be sure to check out my shop on I've been listing lots of new work.

We all , if we go with ego I go you go ego thing, its got to be free from all that and just roll, because music is a spiritual thing. Its got to come through us and goes to the people, and then they come back to us and give us more spirit. ~ Dr. John

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