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Road Life

As we crossed the Colorado-Utah border I saw God in the sky in the form of huge gold sunburning clouds above the desert that seemed to point a finger at me and say, "Pass here and go on, you're on the road to heaven. Jack Kerouac On the Road

Its been awhile since I have had an internet connection. Just a bit here and there but never enough to write a post. Today I'm sitting in a mechanics shop getting Admiral Beeswing worked on. I had hoped to get down the road a bit more before the inevitable breakdown....

So here is my sad story. We bought the Admiral last July. Ready to have the freedom of the road. Not that we wanted to leave the Black Hills forever, just while the snow flies.

The deal was that we would purchase Admiral Beeswing if the dealership would fix the brakes and also fix the air conditioner. Fast forward the work was done and the Admiral was delivered.

We left Cheyenne Crossing the end of September with a snow storm fast on our heals! We got as far as a little town in Colorado, stopped at an intersection and the engine stopped........ We waited a bit and started up, got to a truck stop down the road. Called an RV mechanic, really nice young guy who worked his butt off to get us up and running again. He did what he could and told us we would have to get things finished up once we got to a stationary shop.

What was the problem? The air conditioner fell apart in the engine compartment and stopped everything from working. The very air conditioner that was supposed to be fixed. Grrrr. The last few weeks I have been trying to get the dealership who sold us our beloved Beeswing to cough up a reimbursment for repairs. Nothing yet but I am hopeful all will go well.

As with everything in life there are lessons learned. For those of you out there thinking about buying an RV. Check with the Better Business Bureau. The place we bought ours from had an F rating..... Oops.

Other than that life has been fantastic. Its been several years since I lived on the road full time so I've had a bit of adjusting to do. Setting up the Gypsy Wagon for my studio has worked out well. We're staying in Southern New Mexico for the next couple months. Visiting family and doing a pop up gallery and Holiday sale in Silver City. Also getting caught up on special orders from last summer.

Bella has adjusted nicely. I think she was born to be a road dog! The world is her play ground and as long as we are there she is happy.

I have lots of new jewelry made and working on leather and hats. At some point I will find some WiFi and list everything on the website shop. This is one of the many adjustments, not having WiFi readily available. I don't mind. Living simply is a lot easier when your out in the boonies!

So just in case your in the Southwest this next month or so, here are the dates of the pop up and holiday sale.

November 29,30 & Dec 1 ~ Ginny's Pop Up ,Vicki's Eatery. Market St. Silver City NM

December 7 & 8 ~ Silver City Artisan Holiday Sale, Conference Center, Silver City NM

Here's one of my favorites right now. Jack White ~ Im Shakin

See you on the road!

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