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Its been awhile since I've had the time to post. This summer has been a whirlwind. Nonstop since Admiral Beeswing landed in the Black Hills.

I knew the moment we got back that I wanted to stay. It seems my gypsy soul has found its home. I have been a traveler most of my life. Never really wanted to plant roots. There is just something about this place that speaks to my soul.

We sold the gypsy wagon first and then Admiral Beeswing. There is an old saying for travelers. Its not home til the wheels come off. We bought a house in Lead South Dakota just a few miles from the studio.

It was a bit sad to see them go. We had many great adventures in both. Life is full of changes. Im very excited to see what new opportunities lay ahead.

We just finished up the 80th anniversary of the Black Hills motorcycle rally. It was a great year. Not as many people as they originally expected, which is a good thing. The 75th was way too many. 1.3 million folks. I think the total was 450,000 this year. We've had a bit of a rise in virus cases but not too bad. Andy & I are happy and healthy.

Last winter I was in production mode thinking it was going to be a busy summer, then the virus hit. I stopped making things because I didn't want to get stuck with a bunch of inventory and no place to sell it. Well........ It has turned out to be a fantastic summer. I have been trying to catch up with not too much success. A good problem to have.

Those who know me know that I am one of those eternal optimists. I have found this summer that there is a new appreciation for handmade. These past months of lock down has forced people to slow down and re evaluate whats important in life. I have always believed that there is a reason for everything. Even the bad stuff.

I found this poem the other day and saved it especially for this post. Im not sure who the author is.

My mind, body and spirit are strong

I embrace all life's challenges

I face my fears rather than hide from them

I choose happiness each day

I believe in the power of hope

I live my life with trust and courage

I set goals I can't possibly achieve and then grow into the person who can

I make time to reflect, rest, recharge

I ignore doubters and naysayers especially if they are in my head

I continually nudge my comfort zone because I refuse to live a life that is simply good enough

I believe love and compassion are necessities not luxuries

I know that no matter what happens in my life I will be OK

I am resilient

Words to live by.

I am slowly restocking my website shop. If any of these pieces speak to you please check them out on the shop page.

Someone shared this video with me the other day. Mary Weahkee is an amazing artist keeping the old ways alive.

One more before I go. I have always loved street buskers. There is something so brave and magical about performing on the street. Heres a good one, Brothers Moving, Minnie the Moocher

One more thing before I go. I have been working on creating gift boxes. There will be four a year, All Souls Day, Winter Solstice, Beltaine and Summer Equinox. Each season will have specially curated items from different artists as well as myself. Im calling them Wolf boxes......Heh Heh. The first batch will be an experiment to see if everyone likes the idea. I'll only have 20 for sale. If all goes well I'll make many more for the future. Here's a sneak peek. I will be adding more to the All Souls box, jewelry ,candles, but you get the idea.

The bouquet is made from wildflowers I collected through the summer. Ill have more info and pictures in my next post. I'm very excited about the possibilities for this new project!

Have a fantastic week my friends!

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Aug 29, 2020

I am thrilled for you that you have settled in the Black Hills! I remember talking to you at your shop last fall and telling you we were about to look for a home in Rapid. We found our home, glad you have found yours. I know you will be happy there.


Ginny Wolf
Ginny Wolf
Aug 29, 2020



Petrea Meier
Petrea Meier
Aug 29, 2020

Yes, I will message you to get details.


Ginny Wolf
Ginny Wolf
Aug 29, 2020

Yes! Can you send me a sample?


Petrea Meier
Petrea Meier
Aug 29, 2020

Love that you are settling in such a beautiful area. We missed you this year as we did not make it that way. Hoping to come back to SD next year. Love love love the gift box idea. I would love to contribute something special to your boxes from my custom blends.

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