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Its always been hard for me to have balance in my life. It seems that things are overwhelming or completely quiet. So I go with the flow and try my best. Winter is always a good time for balance. Nature has a way of making you slow down. Its been a wild couple of months, with the move, getting used to new hours for work, a new space. All is well though. I'm settling in nicely.

Starting to catch up with inventory.... a bit anyway. I will need a lot of inventory for this next season here in Deadwood. The past month has been very successful here at the Bullock Hotel. I guess Seth Bullock has blessed this adventure after all! Speaking of ghosts..... I had my first encounter with the hotel ghosts. It was last Friday, which makes sense being so close to All Hallows Eve. A time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Andy & I were getting ready to close. As I was tearing down I heard a distinct voice of a child saying Mother. It came from the stairs directly across from my shop. No one was here except Andy and myself.

I asked the front desk guy Brian about it the next day. He said it was probably Sarah. She was a little girl who died from scarlet fever in the 1800's. They had used the basement as an infirmary for children. They even have pictures of her that have shown up on the ghost tours they have here. She was a beautiful child. I'm sure Ill have more stories to tell!

I'm working on a winter solstice gift box. I will be making 40 total. Due to to ever rising cost of everything these days they will be 125.00. 15.00 off if you can pick them up at the gallery. This picture is a sample of past boxes. The one I'm working on is coming along nicely. If your interested message me and I will put you on my list. I plan on having them finished in the next couple weeks so will list them on the website shop.

The grand opening is coming up soon! November 19th. Its going to be a blast. Those of you who know me from Silver City know I throw a good party! We'll have local singer song writer Wayne Baye playing music. Lots of door prizes. All the artists I'm representing will be donating as well as the hotel and myself. Then there will be lots of great appetizers. I'm spending the whole day before making goodies. There will also be a cash bar. The Chamber is even doing a ribbon cutting! Yikes! It feels so grown up. I hope you can make it! A perfect time to start Christmas shopping.

I just finished loading up the website shop today. Here's a sampling of what you will find.

These and a whole lot more. Ill be adding more as we get closer to shopping season.

Here's a sweet little song I found the other day. Beautifully done.

One more before I go. I have been following Jonna for a few years. She lives in Sweden and is an amazing artist. She paints using natural pigments, sings beautifully, has a jewelry business and is an a very talented photographer.

Well, I think that's it for today. I hope you are all happy and healthy. Blessings.

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