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Carry On

Climate change is alive and well in our world. This winter has been a reminder to live in the moment. One day its 30 below the next 60 above. Hardly any snow in the forest. This winter has been one of the hardest mentally in many years. Koyaanisqatsi, the Hopi word for world out of balance. Trying to stay positive when so much suffering is happening. The forest is my medicine, and creating of course.

I've been getting ready for the summer. I will be setting up at the Boars Nest here in the Black Hills. Its a great little pub nestled in the mountains next to a mountain stream. They serve great food and adult libations. I'll be going old school again, a tent outside. I've been creating lots of wonderful pieces, hats, leather bags, skulls, witch bells, all one of a kind and hand made.

I love this place. It has a great mix of tourists, bikers and hot rods all summer. Ill have my booth to the right of the entrance. Be sure to come see me!

I've also been working on having lots of great choices on my website. Kind of a sneak preview of what Ill be carrying this summer. Please be sure to check out my shop on I'll keep adding things until summer so take advantage while it lasts!

My friends in Deadwood have really supported me this winter and will carry on into the summer. Ill have jewelry, small medicine skulls and vintage hats at The Old Style Saloon # 10 in Deadwood. Also down in Hill City, Stevie's beautiful boutique Jewel Of The West. She will have my jewelry as well as all her amazing merchandise.

I've made a beautiful selection of leather cuffs for Sick Boys Motorcycles in Deadwood. Misty & Doug have a great shop on Main street. They have wonderful tshirts and merchandise.

And last but not least Scott and Sharon from Jacobs Gallery in Deadwood have invited me to show my medicine skulls in their gallery. Its so great to see them in a gallery setting! I've already sold 2 pieces.

Before you think all I do is work......I also find time to enjoy my beautiful friends. One of my favorite events here in the hills is the Out House Races in Nemo. Put on by the Shriners to raise money for sick kids. People build out houses on wheels and race them! We are thinking of doing a Ginny Wolf out house next year.

As usual I always like to share some music. I love everything about this guy! Asaf Avidan!

Not music this time. I love this woman. So beautiful. I am becoming very interested in movement, Especially this type of somatic yoga. Would love to learn.

Well that's it for this post. Thank you for your continued support. I love you all very much. Blessings.

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