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I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again. " Lewis Carroll

It was -12 this morning when Waylon woke me up. Yikes. This is the most challenging time of year for me. I don't naturally know how to slow down. Its something I am trying to learn. When its this bitterly cold there is no walking or outside time. Even if I dress in many layers I still worry about the dogs little toes freezing. I have tried using the booties for them but they are not interested. They have decided that fleece jackets are pretty cool though. A little extra warmth for when we can safely go out.

Willie is having a hard time slowing down as well. All summer he was a lion out in his kingdom. He would come home at night, even lions like the comforts of home...... With this below zero weather he hasn't been out at all. Luckily Waylon is always up for a battle. They tear around the house Willie screaming like he's being abused but when you look he has his little paws wrapped around Waylon's leg biting as hard as he can. When Waylon has enough he takes his big old paw and knocks Willie down. Then it starts all over again. Bella and Andy just looks at me like I'm insane for bringing these two into the house......

Its been a strange winter. December we were having 60 degree weather. Very little snow. Next week its going to be in the 50's. Climate change. Every year gets a bit more extreme.

I know I tend to go on about the environment in my blog posts. Its something I am very passionate about. I just watched "Don't Look Up", a movie about a giant asteroid heading for the Earth. These scientists who discovered it are trying to convince the world that this is a planet killer. Its supposed to be a satirical comedy about how we are dealing with climate change among other things. As a comedy it left me flat, just too real I guess. The ultimate solution was for people to not look up, if they didn't look up then the asteroid didn't exist...... Anyways if you haven't seen the movie, check it out. Its worth watching.

I decided at the first of the year to take a vacation. I didn't really want to go anywhere, I just wanted to stay home, hike, bake, work on leather, sleep in. I'm a week into it so far and really enjoying my time. Andy bought me a gift certificate for some tattoo work so will add that to my vacation. I could get used to this! Summer is coming though and this year I will be ready! Hopefully.....

This is the time of year I feel like I do my best work. I relax a bit and play. That's the thing about the jewelry I make, It doesn't always take that long to make, its the creative process that's takes time. Allowing yourself time to make mistakes, explore. I don't have that luxury during the summer season.

Alright, time for some music. Here's an oldy but a goody! Can you dig it?

Another good one.

On a more serious note. If you have a chance please watch this very important movie that Patagonia and Robert Redford created. Its past time for us all to start paying attention.

Have a wonderful week and Happy New Year. Hopefully 2022 will be boring and uneventful! One more. This has been my New Years tradition for a few years now. I apologize for all the annoying commercials......Enjoy.

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