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The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~ Alan Watts

It will be 10 years this summer that I have been at Cheyenne Crossing. 6 years in a tent during the Rally, 4 years in my little shop. Its been a wonderful run and I will always be grateful for my time here.

This September I will be moving my studio to the historic Bullock Hotel on Main Street in downtown Deadwood. Its a beautiful space with room to grow. Ill have all of my work as well as other amazing artists. Ill have more info the closer we get to moving so stay tuned!

The Bullock hotel is one of the oldest structures in Deadwood. Originally the site of the first hardware store built by Seth Bullock and his partner Sol Star. After the fire in 1894 they decided to build Deadwood's first hotel. There are stories that the hotel is haunted! I'll let you know. Just to be safe I'm going to take a bottle of whiskey up to Seth Bullocks grave site and ask for his blessing!

Until September I'll still have my little shop out in Spearfish Canyon at Cheyenne Crossing. I've spent the past several months stocking up so have lots of wonderful treasures to choose from. I'll also try to keep the website updated.

Summer is here this week. Happy Summer Solstice! It was a cool spring with lots of moisture. I am so grateful. New Mexico has been on fire for months so am feeling blessed with this cool wet weather. There were many years in New Mexico at this time of year I would feel like I would go crazy it was so dry. I think my desert days are over. I love the mountains so much. Every day I am amazed at the beauty of these sacred hills.

If you see any pieces that resonate please check out my website shop at Heres a little video about the Bullock Hotel.

Of course I have to share a song before I go. Love this station Western AF. Here's one by Riddy Arman.

Take care!

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