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Joni's Bread Bowl

My mom Joni was a baker. Oh maybe 20 years ago I bought her this gigantic bowl for Christmas. Jeff Kuhns from Silver City , New Mexico made this beautiful bowl. Joni fell in love with it and made all her bread in it until she passed away.

This past month was very stressful. Lots of stuff going on. It got the best of me. So now I am trying to learn how to live stress free or at least try. I'm taking more time for myself, writing in my journal, eating right and learning how to bake bread. In my mom's bowl. I have never used her bowl. It seemed like sacred ground to me. The other day I brought it down from the shelf. Washed it lovingly and asked for her guidance. As I mixed the ingredients I was looking at my hands and thinking of all the times Joni's hands did exactly what I was doing. She had tried to teach me thru the years but it never really stuck, until now.

I swear she was there that day. Everything went so smooth, like I had done it a million times. There is something about bread making that is so relaxing. Taking your time kneading the dough, letting it rise in its own time, the smell that goes all thru the house. Then of course eating it fresh out of the oven. I also made some raspberry jam from the raspberries Andy and I foraged last summer. So long story short I am hooked. My next Joni endeavor is to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. That was always her job so now it will be mine.

Winter has come to the Black Hills. We have had a couple snow storms and the temperature has dropped. I was starting to wonder as we were having 60 degree weather all the way into December. Andy was riding his Shovelhead all over the hills. I don't mind the cold myself. I love to walk in the woods on a cold winter morning. Especially after a snow. The ice crystal's collect on the trees and plants in the most amazing ways. Its like magic to me.

I've listed more jewelry on the website shop. This will be my last blog and listing of work for this year. Just go to my website and click on the shop page. There are lots a beautiful things to choose from.

You can also find my work here at the studio at Cheyenne Crossing, Scott Jacobs Gallery in Deadwood or Jewel of the West in Hill City ,South Dakota.

There was one Christmas in New Mexico that I've been thinking about lately. We had a full house that year. My mom bought me a CD by Andrea Bocelli. My favorite song on the CD, Por Ti Volare

The English translation is beautiful also.

For you I'll fly

When I live alone I dream of an horizon without words In the darkness and under lights everything is black to my eyes if you're not with me, here You in your world separated from mine by an abyss Hey, call me I'll fly to your remote world For you I'll fly wait till I arrive the end of my journey is you to live just the two of us For you I'll fly through skies and seas to your love Opening my eyes at last I'll live with you When you're far away I dream of an horizon with no words and I know that you're always there, there A moon made for me always illuminated for me after me, after me, after me For you I'll fly wait till I arrive the end of my journey is you to live just the two of us For you I'll fly through skies and seas to your love Opening my eyes at last I'll live with you For you I'll fly through skies and seas to your love Opening my eyes at last I'll live with you For you I'll fly I'll fly...

One more to share before I go. I love animation. Found this one the other day Beautifully done!

The Fox and the Bird by Fred and Sam Guillaume

There is still time to get things shipped off on Monday to make it before Christmas. If there is anything that strikes your fancy don't procrastinate! Its always good to support the arts! Have a great holiday and Ill see you in the new year!

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4 comentarios

13 dic 2021

Ginny: Beautiful tribute to your Mom and guess what, my Mom was Joan too; Joanie! I knew you and I were connected somehow! I also have some of her bowls, dishes. She told me the basics of cooking and then as she grew older I taught her some things. She was a meat and potatoes cook but I learned how to make mexican food, fancy desserts, etc. She was always ready to try something new. Thank you for this lovely tribute to you Mom that reminded me oh so much of my Mom. Love you and Andy, Merry Christmas and let's make 2022 the best yet!!

Me gusta
Ginny Wolf
Ginny Wolf
13 dic 2021
Contestando a

Thank you. My mom went by Joan until she heard a Joni Mitchell song and from then on she was Joni😊 Have a great holiday.

Me gusta

Ginny Wolf
Ginny Wolf
12 dic 2021

If they turn out I’ll send you some!

Me gusta

12 dic 2021

Love this so much! I remember Aunt Joni’s cinnamon rolls; they were heavenly ❤️

Me gusta
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