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Life Below Zero

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. ~ John Steinbeck

We're on day 3 of sub zero arctic weather here in the Black Hills. Minus 30 yesterday morning. Needless to say I'm over this weather! Although it does have a certain beauty. I think about the native peoples of this land living in such hard conditions. I think about the homeless these past few days without comfort of a warm home, clothes and food in their bellies. Those of us with a roof, warm clothes and food are blessed indeed.

I've been adjusting to not being busy 24/7. I left the Bullock in October. Was in kind of a frenzy for awhile trying to figure out another shop. Lots of disappointment, self questioning, what if's.

One night when I couldn't sleep I listened to a lecture from Ram Dass. At that point I was pretty down, not sure what to do. It was like he was right there with me, telling me to snap out of it. The next morning I got up with a new attitude. Stopped coming down on myself for things that were out of my control. Ill share his lecture in this post so maybe it will help anyone who is having a rough go.

All of my teachers kept telling me to stop worrying, meditate, and the answer will come. So that's what I've been doing. I'm creating again which I realize is the most important thing for me. Willie, Waylon and Bella have been going stir crazy in this weather so they have been helping....Its amazing how your fur babies know when your down.

So enough contemplation! Whats going on? Im showing my work in Saloon 10 Merchantile in Deadwood as well as Jewel of the West in Hill City. I've also been invited to show my skull art at Scott Jacobs Gallery in Deadwood and will be doing a special line of leather cuffs for Sickboys also in Deadwood. There are also some possibilities for this summer but dont want to jinx it!

The work I will be showing on my website shop will be different from the shops. I've had to start charging for shipping under 74.00 orders. I apologize for this but realized its necessary.

If any of these pieces appeal to you please go to my website shop. These are all one of a kind so please don't wait if your set on something. I hope everyone is staying warm out there. I'll leave some inspiring music and the lecture I told you about before I go.

Here is the Ram Dass Lecture.

Im not sure if I've shared this one before but love it so much Ill share it again. Enjoy


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