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Life Lessons From Waylon

Waylon has become my guru. Top 10 lessons from Waylon.

  1. Relax

  2. Enjoy the moment

  3. Treats are always good

  4. A walk in the woods is better than anything

  5. Love unconditionally

  6. Play everyday

  7. Road trips are important

  8. A natural yoga master

  9. A good sleeper

  10. Cherish your family

I think dogs are put on this planet to remind us of the sacred. Its too bad so many don't understand that.

Its been freezing cold here in the hills! -17 this morning. Not my favorite time of year. Your stuck inside mostly. I've tried walking in this weather and do ok if I'm bundled up. Its the pups that I worry about. Their little toes freeze. I've tried the booties but both hate them and won't stop until they tear them off.... So it's lots of indoor projects.

Starting to get a nice stash of beautiful jewelry, hats and bags for the summer. If this summer is anything like the last two I'll be pretty busy. The Black Hills have been discovered.

Learning to slow down in my work as well as my life and its paying off. I'm really enjoying the work that is coming out of my head, All those years doing shows I got in the habit of rushing too much. Deadlines, limitations due to juries, trying to make what I knew would sell. Its a hamster wheel you get on and its very hard to get off. My little studio in the woods has enabled me to do what I want creatively. I am very grateful.

I've made a bunch of bags in the last month or so. Haven't photographed them yet but will soon, then get them on the website shop. I admit I don't really like the computer, business side of all this. Its a struggle. Its also important tho. So many years on the road doing art shows I don't want to loose track of all the beautiful people I have met along the way.

I spent yesterday posting lots of new work on the website. This time of year I can keep up with things so the website shop has lots of great work on it. I've found some great videos lately being house bound from this terrible weather. Vogue has some great videos of extreme beauty. Those of you who know me know that I used to love to dress up. Nothing like this but I totally admire the skill. Here's a good one.

I love sharing music and artists and info I find. I have been following Playing for a Change for years now and love not only the music but the purpose.

Net proceeds will go to organizations that prioritize real time solutions that facilitate environmental justice and sustainability, including Conservation International, American Rivers, World Wildlife Fund, REVERB, and the PFC Foundation. Part of the funds will advance education programs led by the PFC Foundation with the support of UNFPA to positively impact adolescents and youth worldwide.

I hope you are all happy and healthy out there. If you see anything that you might be interested in please go to the shop page of The hats are not listed right now so if your interested in them please contact me for more information.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy and do what Waylon does!

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