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And as the light around us fades

In golden shadows through the glade,

Like distant echoes down the hall,

we answer Samhain’s ancient call.

From everlasting times ’til now,

To storied lands, we all must bow;

Where magic rings within our souls

And as we shatter, we are whole.

This is the night to join the Dance,

Partake in all-renewing trance;

Where worlds within and out are One,

Our sacred journey now begun.

To greet the ones we loved before,

Our kith and kin from days of yore,

Forgiven foe and long-lost friend –

We dwell among you yet again.

For now the worldly veils are thin,

Where hope and healing can begin.

Our deeds are done; the hour is late

To rest within the arms of Fate.

By fin and feather, leaf and bark,

As sun now banks to sheltered spark;

This year of trial and joy is past

Within the Circle we have cast.

And as the light around us fades

In golden shadows through the glade,

Like distant echoes down the hall,

We answer Samhain’s ancient call”~ Marc Hirsch

Samhain pronounced Sow In, All Hallows Eve, Dia De Los Muertos, All Souls Day, these are all variations of the same celebration of loved ones past on, a time of the wheel turning from light to dark, the years end when the harvest is done and the long night starts. This time of year is very sacred and special to me. I've written about this many times. There has been a lot of death in my family unfortunately so when the veil is thin between the worlds its like a homecoming for me. I can feel the ones I love close by.

This holiday was also the start of my life long journey to understand and learn about the ancient ones who came before me. I knew that Halloween had to mean more than candy and costumes and parties. It was kind of Pandoras box opening. It changed me forever and I am very grateful. It also influences my art as well as the way I live my life.

Living in the Southwest for so many years I adopted the ritual of Ofrendas or Alters to honor those who have past. Its a wonderful way to remember those you have lost. I am very conscious of cultural appropriation so am careful to be respectful always. So with that said I hope all of you have a very loving and wonderful Samhain!

Life is finally coming back into balance. I've been adding lots of new work to the website. The holiday season is coming and its always so much more meaningful when you purchase your gifts from artists or make your gifts yourself. You also don't have to worry about them being made by child labor or stuck in some container out in the ocean!

I'm still opened up at Cheyenne Crossing this time of year. My hours are not as often, Thursday thru Sunday most weeks. You should call or email if your heading this way just to be sure. I am trying to take advantage of these slower times to recharge from the busy summer. Its wonderful not being so rushed.

I just finished listening to a book called Trespassing across America, one mans epic never before (and somewhat Illegal) hike across the Heartland. By Ken Ilgunas It was Ken's journey to hike the XL Pipeline from Canadian oil fields to the Texas Gulf coast, 1,900 miles. I've always wanted to do some epic hike like that. Its on my bucket list. This book was great but also disturbing. With all the climate changes happening these days his observations where eye opening to be sure. Another reminder.

This past year the storms and fires and mass development going on here in the Black Hills has really got me thinking about what as one human being on the planet can do to make a difference. Sure you can reduce your carbon footprint in all kinds of ways but its not doing enough. Its the corporations and countries that make the real difference, and while they talk like they are doing something are they really? This has been weighing heavy on my mind these days.

I love this man! OK enough of that. Please be sure to check out my website shop on I will also be adding more in the next few weeks.

One more video before I go! Blessings to you and yours.

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