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Spring is in the air. We have had 70 degree weather and 20 degree weather in the last couple weeks. Life in the mountains. Spring is a time of new beginnings. Enter Waylon, our brand new 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy. It has certainly been a exciting and tiring spring!

Bella and Willie are not quite sure about this furry little fellow. At this point he is an alligator in a fur coat....... I have the scars to prove it! So what else have I been up to? Making. Making everything I can before the season starts. I have to say Im pleased with whats been coming out of the studio these days.

I trade off each day from jewelry to leather to hats. Also working on the Spring Beltane box getting ready to ship out next week. There are 2 boxes left so if you are interested you can pre order yours on the website. This will be the last box till next winter.

Its packed full of wonderous things. I can't tell you exactly what because I dont want to spoil the surprise. You'll just have to take my word for it!

I've loaded up the website with just a few of the new pieces. To see everything you'll have to come to the studio. I will start showing the new leathers in May. I started a few months ago with a big pile of leather hides, old hats and a ton of beads and components. Slowly it has all turned into beautiful jewelry, one of a kind hats and unique garments and bags.

I've also been working on some Hedge Witch brooms . Not for any particular reason, just because. The hedge witch is a wise woman who lives in the woods and practices her craft everyday. I can relate! These mountains are so full of goodness, from food to medicinals. Last summer I stopped looking for new plants because my head was going to burst! Knowledge overload.

I am finding that these hills are such a creative charge for me. I never run out of ideas to create, its the opposite , I dont have enough time in the day to make everything I would like to make. Obsessed? Probably, but it could be worse!

These times we live in are strange to be sure. For me being creative, living close to the earth, its what is keeping me sane. Its so very important to stay positive and create beauty everyday. Doesn't matter what you do, as long as its positive and done with love.

One more before I go.

I'm sending you all love and light. Take care of yourselves,of each other. Blessings.

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