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Spring Snow

It never fails here in the mountains, the minute you think the snow is done....... Although this year I am happy for the moisture. We had at least 2 feet. The drifts are 5 feet or more in some places. The past two winters have been very mild, this is what I'm used to here. The first winter we were in the Black Hills seemed like all the storms were like this.

I have big plans for the garden this year. Decided to start my seeds indoors to give them a boost as our season is very short. I think I jumped the gun though. My green beans and sugar snaps are huge already! Hopefully they will hang on until I can get them in the ground. The thing about spring in the mountains is the snow will be gone as soon as the sun comes out.

Things are starting to pick up. The earth is waking from its long sleep and people are starting to come back to the hills. My shop is over flowing with treasures, with much more to come. I will try to keep the website shop full but if you see something you like don't procrastinate as sales on the website have also picked up. I'm am forever grateful to all who support my creative self.

I am very pleased with the work I've been doing this winter. The mountains definitely influence and inspire me creatively. When I was younger I bounced from ocean to desert to mountains. I lived a nomadic life style back then so really didn't have to choose. As the Grateful Dead said ,I would just go where the climate suits my clothes. My mom would ask me which was my favorite and I could never decide.

Besides shoveling and making lots of jewelry I started on a new tattoo. Almost done for this season anyway. Richard from the Tattoo Cellar in Sturgis is doing the work. I've wanted a sleeve for a very long time and finally went for it. The outside of my arm will be filled with wild roses, forget me nots, bees and moths , oak leaves and acorns and a flicker bird. The inside will be a diamondback rattle snake wrapped around more wild roses. A friend of mine said if I was in the forest I would blend in. I didn't really think of that but how cool!!!!

Life is good. Recently went on a girls trip to the Southern Hills. We really didn't have any set plans. I had such a great time. Laughed so much my cheeks hurt! Its so great to have friends and go on adventures. I am so very grateful for the life I have.

The best part about a gigantic snow storm is its a perfect time to snuggle with Waylon. I'm always so busy I very rarely allow myself to be lazy. Today I laid in bed with Waylon and listened to an audio book. It was fantastic! Bella has never been a snuggle dog. I try and she looks at me like I've lost my mind. Ha! Lost it a long time ago little Bella!

Also had time to explore on YouTube. Here's a good one!

Another beautiful woman. My trip around the world.

One more before I go. Amy Secada is one of the best dancers I have ever seen. Just so fluid and beautiful.

That's all for this week. Sending you all love and light.

Before I go to sleep tonight; I will speak a nice prayer, I will let my worries leave my mind as silence fills the air.

If I have a bed; to curl between the sheets,

I am an inch more blessed; than the man, on the street.

If I have a love to cuddle; in the comfort of my home,

I am grateful, I still have their presence to tell them, I love them so.

If I have healthy eyes, that I can choose to close;

I am grateful for my sight, because some will never know.

If I have a voice & glistening ears to listen;

Than in all my glory, I am grateful for this livin'

All that really matters; is what, most don't have the courage to see,

Who you became; from the day of your birth, the dash and the final chapter that makes your story complete. ~ Nikki Rowe

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